This bibliography is the result of a real team effort. The librarians at the SFU Library worked with us to come up with appropriate metadata, a team of RAs, both graduate and undergraduate students, worked first to collect information about the works of women writers, and then to clean the data. The DHIL at the SFU Library developed the database. We have only just begun the work of excavating the works of women doing philosophical work in the early modern period. This page keeps track of the individuals who have contributed to the project to date.

Principal Investigator
Lisa Shapiro

Karen Detlefsen
Marguerite Deslauriers

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Kelin Emmett

Simon Fraser University Research Assistants on New Narratives Bibliography Project
Haley Brennan
Alyssa Bridgman
Arianna Falbo
Brittany French
Lindsay Grant
Nic Hamm
Gabriel Larivière
Emily Laumann
Dzintra Ullis

University of Pennsylvania Research Assistants on New Narratives Bibliography Project
Patrick Ball
Ramathi Bansaranayake
Allauren Forbes
Meerabelle Jesuthasan
Alexandra Johnson

SFU Library
Rebecca Dowson
Janette McConville

Digital Humanities Innovation Lab (DHIL)
Michael Joyce, Developer

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