Title Itinerários de uma Viagem à Alemanha
Edition 0
Volume 0
Publication Place Santa Cruz do Sul
Publisher Unknown
Physical Description 216
Illustrations Unknown
Frontispiece Unknown
Translation Description Translation (1856, French)
Dedication Zelma (Nisia's guardian)
Worldcat Url https://www.worldcat.org/oclc/742547913
Transcription No
Physical Locations Goethe-Institut Porto Alegre system number 908 Flo; Goethe-Institut Salvador system number 869 Flo=69
Digital Locations
Digital Url
Notes 1. Orignal work entitled "Itinéraire d'un voyage en Allemagne"; 2. Collection of Floresta's diaries during her stay in France traveling to Germany; 3. "EDUNISC" is the "University of Santa Cruz do Sul publisher"; 4. Book is available in 23 libraries around the world as per World Cat.
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