Title Três anos na Itália seguidos de uma viagem a Grécia
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Volume 0
Publication Place Natal
Publisher IFRN
Physical Description 383
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Translation Description Translation (1864, French)
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Digital Locations Repositório Institucional do IFRN: e-book, searchable
Digital Url https://memoria.ifrn.edu.br/bitstream/handle/1044/1661/Tr%c3%aas%20anos%20na%20It%c3%a1lia%20-%20E-Book.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y
Notes 1. "IFRN" stands for Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte; 2. There are 2 different prefaces, hence, two authors for each; 3. Travel journals that were published. Floresta's insights seems to be philosophical (i.e. Is the moon that shines in Verona at the time of Romeo and Juliet the same that is shining now on me?).
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