Title Letters of Ninon de Lenclos to the Marquiss de Sévigne.
Edition 0
Volume 0
Publication Place London
Publisher Unknown
Physical Description 273
Illustrations Unknown
Frontispiece Unknown
Translation Description Translation (1750, French)
Dedication A "Madame" (?)
Worldcat Url https://worldcat.org/oclc/316761129
Transcription No
Physical Locations University of Kansas system number (OCoLC)ocm09106288; University of Oxford (Bodleian library) system number Vet. A5 f.2829; The British Library system number 018570006; Berlin state library (staatsbibliothek) system number Xz 7572 / Xz 7572 - Xz 7589/40.
Digital Locations The British Library: image, non-searchable
Digital Url http://access.bl.uk/item/viewer/ark:/81055/vdc_100049757648.0x000001#?c=0&m=0&s=0&cv=5&xywh=92%2C118%2C3152%2C1926
Notes 1. After being translated, Ninon de L'Enclos name changed from "L'Enclos" to "Lenclos", blending the definite article into her name; 2. In the "Notes" one can read: "spurious letters by Louis Damours; sometimes attrib. to C.P. Jolyot de Crébillon; different translation from that of E. Griffith in 1761" & "Books printed for... D. Wilson...": p. [275-276]" & "SpecColl copy on flyleaf: These french... are even worse than our own upper classes (but still very courteous)"; 3. University of Kansas has both a digitized copy and a hard copy. Notes of the digitized copy say: "Not in fact by Ninon de Lenclos/Variously attributed to Louis Damours or Claude Prosper Jolyot de Crébillon/ With a final advertisement leaf/Reproduction of original from the British Library"; 4. That same note is found at University of Oxford database. 5. I could not have access to the online version of both University of Kansas and Oxford; 6. The notes at The British Library say: "Letters of Ninon de Lenclos, to the Marquise de Sévigné. [Variously attributed to Louis Damours and to C. P. Jolyot de Crébillon.] Translated from the French." 7. The author of the Preface, who dedicate the book to "a madame" signs as L E T. 8. On Berlin state library says "Loss of War". 9. Philosophy of Love; 10. It can be found in 292 libraries arount the world as per Worldcat.
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