Title The memoirs of Ninon de l'Enclos [electronic resource], with her letters to Monsr de St Evremond and to the Marquis de Sevigné. Collected and translated from the French, by a lady. In two volumes.
Edition 0
Volume 2
Publication Place London
Publisher Unknown
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Frontispiece Unknown
Translation Description Translation (1750, French)
Worldcat Url https://worldcat.org/oclc/2955765
Transcription No
Physical Locations University of Texas at Austin system number DC 130 L5 A33 1761; Harvard University system number GEN *52-2019; Brown University system number DC130.L5 L5;
Digital Locations Hathi Thrust Digital Library
Digital Url https://www.pin1.harvard.edu/cas/login?service=https%3A%2F%2Fkey-idp.iam.harvard.edu%2Fidp%2FAuthn%2FExternal%3Fconversation%3De2s1%26entityId%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.hathitrust.org%2Fshibboleth-sp
Notes 1. Notes say: "Apparently mainly a translation of Douxménil's 'Mémoires et lettres pour servir à l'histoire de la vie de Mademoiselle de l'Enclos'/ A lady = Elizabeth Griffith? - The letters to the marquis de Sevigné are spurious ones attributed to Louis Damours./Reproduction of original from the British Library."; 2. McMaster University provides a digitized version from the British Library; however, access is required; 3. There is no such book on the catalogues of the British Library (as per Nov. 8th, 2020); 4. As per notes at University of Texas at Austin: "Apparently mainly a translation of Douxménil's "Memoires et lettres pour servir à l'histoire de la vie de Mademoiselle de L'Enclos," 1751, though the translator, Elizabeth Griffith (?) says it is from "detached pieces lately published in France under the title of Le petit reservoir". The letters to the Marquis de Sevigné are the spurious ones composed by Louis Damours and sometimes ascribed to C.P. Jolyot de Crébillon." 5. University of Texas, Harvard University, University of Houston and Reed College claim to have a digitized version. Access is required, though (I couldn't get it); 6. Note on Worldcat: "Collected and translated from the French, by a lady"; 7. Book available in 60libraries around the world as per Worldcat; 8. Wordlcat provides the 1751 digitized version of this book. Published in Rotterdam.
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