Title The memoirs of Ninon de l'Enclos [electronic resource], with her letters to Monsr de St Evremond and to the Marquis de Sevigné. Collected and translated from the French, by a lady. In two volumes.
Edition 0
Volume 2
Publication Place London
Publisher Unknown
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Frontispiece Unknown
Translation Description Translation (1750, French)
Worldcat Url https://worldcat.org/oclc/38302919
Transcription No
Physical Locations Harvard Unviersity system number RBR I-3-5 DAMO
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Notes 1. Notes at University of Texas say: "Apparently mainly a translation of Douxménil's 'Mémoires et lettres pour servir à l'histoire de la vie de Mademoiselle de l'Enclos.' - A lady = Elizabeth Griffith? - The letters to the marquis de Sevigné are the spurious ones attributed to Louis Damours."; 2. There is a digitized version at University of Texas. Access is required, though (I couldn't get it); 3. Philosophy of Love. 4. 6. Worldcat provides the 1810 digitized version of this book.
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