Title Lettres Ninon de Lenclos au Marquis de Sévigné, avec sa vie.
Edition 0
Volume 2
Publication Place London Paris
Publisher Unknown
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Illustrations Unknown
Frontispiece Unknown
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Worldcat Url https://worldcat.org/oclc/7438264
Transcription No
Physical Locations Bibliothèque nationale de France system number 8-Z-16051 (1) & 8-Z-16051 (2); Berlin state library (staatsbibliothek) system number Xz 7572 - Xz 7589/40; UC Santa Barbara Library system number 990030530210203776.
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Notes 1. As per Blibiothèque nationale de France (BnF), Claude-Prosper Julyot de Crébillon is another author, but he was born one year after Lenclos' death; 2. As per BnF, there are only 2 volumes (different than previous entry); 3. Notes on WorldCat say: "With half titles/ Spurious letters variously ascribed to Louis Damours and Crébillon, fils. Cf. BN, 33, col. 1040 and 35, col. 465; BLC, 76, p. 112 and 167, p. 283; Cioranescu, 18. s., 21749, 22167; A. Martin-Thériault, Lettres de Ninon de Lenclos ... (Thesis (Ph.D)--McGill, 1973)/ "Vie de Mademoiselle de Lenclos" (p. [1]-40, v. 1) attributed to Bret (cf. Barbier, III, col. 257)/False imprint; printed in Paris by Cazin.; 4. WorldCat provides the "nouvelle" edition of 1810 (as per Nov. 10, 2020); 5. This book is available in 169 libraries around the world as per WorldCat; 6. On Berlin state library, it shows both tome as "Loss of War"; 7. Philosophy of Love; 8. University of Aberdeen and University of Houston claim to have a digitized version. Restricted access is required (institutional login).
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