Title Hymns in prose for children : un'analisi comparata delle prime traduzioni in italiano
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Publication Place Viterbo
Publisher Unknown
Physical Description 128
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Worldcat Url http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/471673971
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Physical Locations Florida State University Libraries and Casalini Libri, BV353 .B37 2009
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Notes The following is the contents of the "summary" section in the Worldcat entry: "In 1781 were published Hymns in Prose for Children, Children's last masterpiece of the writer Anna Laetitia Aikin Barbauld dissenting. Far from being simply a didactic handbook, the work was able to offer an innovative pedagogical response to the phenomenon of the late eighteenth century defined as "Puritanism changed." The need to adapt the rule to the moral and religious needs of a society, which upheld the prerogatives of rationalism and liberalism of Enlightenment was reflected in the effort to integrate barbauldiano "reason" and "feeling". To do this, the author made use of the methods suggested by the Practical Education, from the point of view perceptive devised an original reshuffle of the theories offered by John Locke, David Hartley, John Wesley and Francis Hutcheson. The formal structure and language, unique in its kind, helped to collect work great success."
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