Title [Letters] Letters of the Ninon de Lenclos / With 10 etchings by Karl Walser. [Dt. Übertr. by Lothar Schmidt]
Edition 7
Volume 0
Publication Place Berlin
Publisher Unknown
Physical Description 358
Illustrations Unknown
Frontispiece Unknown
Translation Description From French to German
Worldcat Url http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/699586380
Transcription No
Physical Locations Berlin state library (staatsbibliothek) system number Xz 7588/9<7;a>; Saxon State Library system number 30732108
Digital Locations
Digital Url
Notes 1. Lothar Goldschmidt (the tradutor) changed his name to "Lothar Schmidt". Goldschmidt is a Jewish surname. 2. Notes says: "Title bl. in red and black. Year of publication determined by GM-new"; 3. Book found on Berlin state library website; 4. Title: "[Letters] Letters of the Ninon de Lenclos / With 10 etchings by Karl Walser. [Dt. Transferred by Lothar Schmidt]" as per Google Translator; 5. Karl Walser was the illustrator; 6. There is a second copy of this book at Berlin state library by the system number Xz 7588/9<7;a>. The other, by the system number Xz 7588/9<7>, was lost by the war as the note: "Shelf mark: Xz 7588/9<7> Location: Loss of war"; 7. Saxon State Library access (https://katalog.slub-dresden.de/id/0-1396722548/); 8. Also, the book can be found in 7 more institution around the world as per WorldCat; 9. Philosophy of Love.
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