Title Ethics and world problems
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Notes contents note: Instead of Introduction -- From Revolt to Philosophy -- My Approach to Philosophy -- Knowledge and its Object -- The Socratic Method of Philosophical Inquiry and of Philosophical Education -- Ethics Versus Morals -- In the Face of Effaced Faces -- Humanism in the Last Two Decades of the 20th Century -- `Ethics': What Does it Mean? -- Ethics, Professional Ethics and a Different Approach to Ethics -- Philosophical Ethics and Professional "Ethics" -- `Cultural' Morals and `Global' Morality in the Light of Ethics -- Approaches to Ethics, Approaches in Ethics and the Idea of a "Universal Ethics" -- Freedom, Freedoms and Human Rights -- Value and Values -- Challenges of Philosophy and Challenges to Philosophy -- Kant's Ethics: Is it a Deontological Ethics? -- Value Knowledge: Beyond "Metaphysics" and Beyond "Cultures" -- World Problems on the Focus of Ethics -- Tradition and Revolution or Philosophy and World Politics Note continued: "Modernity as a Concept and as a Project" or `Modernity', `Modernization', and Beyond -- On Cultures and Culture -- Cultures and `World Culture' -- "Impact of Science and Technology on Patterns of Thought" Do they have any Impact? -- Globalization of the Free Market from a Philosophical-Ethical View-Point -- Back to the Question of Goals -- A New Objective for Humanity in the 21st Century -- The Two Europes.
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