Title Lettres de Ninon de Lenclos
Edition 0
Volume 0
Publication Place Paris
Publisher Unknown
Physical Description 327
Illustrations Unknown
Frontispiece Unknown
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Worldcat Url https://worldcat.org/oclc/630699339
Transcription No
Physical Locations University of Augsburg system number 01/IF 9111 L563 L65.922; National Library of Israel system number 990029587540205171; Reed College system number (Alma IZ) 99900012732901841 or (Alma NZ) 99318001914001451.
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Notes 1. Note on Worldcat says that it is a new edition; 2. Worldcat provides the version of 1870, not of 1922; 3. Worldcat referes this book to others from Louis D' Amour, sometimes written "Louis Damours"; Claude-Prosper Jolyot de Crébillon sometimes appears as editor, sometimes as author; Bret M. appears sometimes as author, sometimes as editor, sometimes as Antoine Bret M. Such names with different spellings and different ascription causes confusion. Since the content of those works is the same (Ninon de Lenclos's letters to the Marquis of Sevigne), those works could be different versions of the same book. Sometime in history the confusion to those references caused different works. Thus Worldcat confusion, it is suppoused; 4. Such work can be found on the website of the National Library of Israel, which states, "the letters, addressed to the marquis de Sévigné, are spurious they were composed by Louis Damours. Sometimes ascribed to C. P. Jolyot de Crébillion. Cf. Dict. de biog. franc̜aise BM Cat. Photolith. ed. to 1955./P. 325-327 erroneously paged 225-227."; 5. When considered with the other books, it can be found in 75 libraries around the world as per Worldcat; 6. Philosophy of Love.
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