Title The tree of faith; or, The tree of life, springing up in the paradise of God; : from which all the wonders of the new Creation, in the virgin church of the first-born of wisdom must proceed
Category Book
Publication Place London
Publisher Unknown
Physical Description [6], 122, [12], 32, [2]
Illustrations Unknown
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Worldcat Url http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/43077524
Genre Essays
Transcription Yes
Physical Locations William Andrews Clark Memorial Library - University of California
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Digital Url https://github.com/textcreationpartnership/A88858
Notes Biblical passage on title page: "Matth. 13.32. It is the Least of all Seeds: but when it is grown, it is the Greatest of Herbs, and becometh a TREE." Advertisement on the last page. "The ark of faith: or A supplement to The tree of faith, &c." has a separate title page (follows "The tree of faith").
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