Title Upon the much lamented death of the Right Honourable, the Lady Elizabeth Langham
Category Manuscript
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Publisher Unknown
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Dedication Hastings, Lucy
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Genre Poems
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Notes This 39-line English elegy was written on 2 pages in a pair of conjugate folio leaves, as a letter for Lucy Hastings, Countess Dowager of Huntingdon as condolences for the death of her granddaughter, Lady Elizabeth Langham. It was "[f]irst published in Simon Ford, A Christian's Acquiescence in all the Products of Divine Providence (London, 1665). The Female Spectator: English Women writers before 1800, ed. Mary R. Mahl and Helene Koon (Old Westbury, NY, 1977), pp. 124-5. Kissing the Rod, ed. Germaine Greer et al. (New York, 1988), pp. 226-7." [Description taken from: http://www.celm-ms.org.uk/authors/makinbathsua.html]
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