Title Musa Virginea Græco-Latino-Gallica, Bathsuæ R. (filiæ Henrici Reginaldi gymnasiarchæ et philoglotti apud Londinenses) anno ætatis suæ decimo sexto edita.
Category Book
Publication Place London
Publisher Excudebat Eduardus Griffin, impensis Ioannis Hodgets
Physical Description 20
Illustrations Yes
Frontispiece No
Translation Description
Dedication James I, King
Worldcat Url http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/55185825
Genre Poems
Transcription No
Physical Locations The Birtish Library, System number 017781358
Digital Locations EEBO, image
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Notes A collection of verse in six languages, primarily Latin (and includes Greek and French). Published under Makin's maiden name Renigald(a), Bathsua.
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Complete Yes
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