Title Floriana. A pastoral, upon the death of Her Grace the Duchess of Southampton.
Category Book
Publication Place London
Publisher Printed for Samuel Cooke
Physical Description 4
Illustrations No
Frontispiece No
Translation Description
Worldcat Url http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/933070146
Genre Fantasy Literature (includes Utopian literature, Imaginary Conversations, Imaginary Voyages)
Transcription Yes
Physical Locations
Digital Locations EEBO - full text, searchable
Digital Url https://github.com/textcreationpartnership/A36811
Notes This work has an anonymous author. Richard Duke is listed as the author on EEBO, though they note that the work is "sometimes attributed to Aphra Behn," such as in the Wrenn Catalogue. The Duchess of Southampton to which the work refers is Mary Fitzroy (d. 1681?). There are two versions of this work (with the same publication date) on EEBO; one is searchable and the other is just images.
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