Title Almahide; or, the captive queen. An excellent new romance, never before in English. The whole work. Written in French by the accurate pen of Monsieur de Scudery Governour of Nostre Dame. Done into English by J. Phillips Gent. Licensed, March 8. 1675/6 H. Oldenburgh.
Category Book
Edition 2
Publication Place London
Publisher Unknown
Physical Description 677
Illustrations Unknown
Frontispiece Unknown
Translation Description Later edition of English translation, 1702
Worldcat Url http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/731529166
Genre Translations
Transcription No
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Notes "In fact by Madelène de Scudéry. In three parts, each of three books, but disposed in four sections each having separate pagination and register, as follows: part I; part II; part III, book 1; and part III, books 2 and 3." (ECCO). Originally published under the name Georges de Scudéry, Madeleine de Scudéry's brother.
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