Title Love-Letters Between a Nobleman and his Sister: Viz. F---rd Lord Gr--y of Werk, and the Lady Henrietta Berk---ley, Under the Borrow'd Names of Philander and Silva. Done into VERSE, by the Author of the Letters from a Nun to a Cavalier. The Third Edition.
Category Book
Edition 3
Publication Place Dublin
Publisher Unknown
Physical Description 104
Illustrations Unknown
Frontispiece Unknown
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Worldcat Url http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/728304708
Genre Epistolary novels
Transcription No
Physical Locations National Library of Ireland (Dublin1739P5)
Digital Locations ECCO - Images, fuzzy search
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Notes "'A versification of Aphra Behn's novel with this title, first published in 1683; the lovers were Forde Grey (later Earl of Tankerville) and Lady Berkeley.' (Foxon). 'Letters from a nun' variously attributed to Sir Roger L'Estrange and Morgan Keene. With a final advertisement leaf." (ECCO) "Love-letters between a nobleman and his sister" listed as a varient title (ECCO). Includes the table of contents and "To the Reader" note as in the 2nd ed., but not the illustration.
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