Title A Defence of the Essay of Human Understanding, written by Mr Lock ... : In answer to some Remarks in that essay [i.e. the three pamphlets by Dr Burnet].
Edition 0
Volume 8
Publication Place London
Publisher Unknown
Physical Description 70
Illustrations Unknown
Frontispiece Unknown
Translation Description
Worldcat Url http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/80472437
Genre Pamphlet
Transcription No
Physical Locations British Library (by request only)
Digital Locations
Digital Url
Notes 1. WorldCat says it is a microfilm; 2. Catharine Trotter Cockburn is presented as "collaborator" of the defense, but the author afterwards. 3. There is no system number. As per the European Register of Microform and Digital Masters, the ID is gbm8711042-5 and can only be found at the British Library by contacting them.
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