Title Theologia mystica, or, The mystic divinitie of the aeternal invisibles, viz., the archetypous globe, or the original globe, or world of all globes, worlds, essences, centers, elements, principles and creations whatsoever by a person of qualitie, J.P., M.D.
Category Book
Publication Place London
Publisher Unknown
Physical Description [4], 112, [2], 162
Illustrations Unknown
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Dedication "To the impartial and well-disposed reader" signed by J.L.
Worldcat Url http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/558546565
Genre Essays
Transcription Yes
Physical Locations The British Library, St. Pancras
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Digital Url https://github.com/textcreationpartnership/A55474
Notes Written by John Pordage & edited by Edward Hooker. Lead wrote the preface to the work. "Theologia mystica," "Mystic divinitie of the aeternal invisibles," and "Treatise of eternal nature with her seven essential forms or original working properties" listed as additional titles. "Page 112 signed: E.H. Mamp, alias, Drawde Rekooh" (EEBO). First edition.
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